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2015 a new year!

11 January 2015

So a lot has changed over the past year, we released a video, we have had a handful of new twerk/midtempo/trap tunes.  Keep up to date with me on all social media.  Right now, I am getting a lot of tracks finished and ready to be released!  This is going to be a great year of releases and shows!  I am blessed to have all of your support!




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New music, updated Studio Crazyness!!!

13 May 2014

So yea a lot has been going on with F3tto, I made a lot of changes to the studio. I finally got sound panels, I updated my interface to a UAD Apollo, Dangerous D Box, Black Lion Audio BLA173. I have been Djing a lot of private parties out here in Hollywood. I have a ton of new tracks coming out… This summer is going to be crazy. I am very excited for all this new music and what is yet to come. For anyone who follows me thank you so much! You rock!

I am headlining a huge festival here in Hollywood, should be awesome!



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New music 8k on Facebook

22 March 2014

I want to thank everyone for helping us get to 8,000 LIKES on Facbeook. I am releasing a new Trap tune called “This is Crazy” it should be coming out within the next couple of days. To stay up to date with all the new F3tto stuff feel free to follow all the social media. All The Links are at the top of the F3tto page!

showwThis is crazy cover - F3tto



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New music, New year

31 December 2013

Hey guys here is a new track for 2014, its a free download… thank you for the support!

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F3tto in 2014

31 December 2013

Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone that has supported me this year.. In 2014 we will accomplish some amazing things! It is going to be a great year!

We will have some amazing things coming on F3tto Fridays! Happy New Year!


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DO it

27 December 2013



Happy Holidays!

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F3tto Grind!

16 December 2013

so this week is crazy, I am Djing Avalon on Wednesday, it is going to be an insane show… All the Details are on the facebook F3tto page.

  Here is last weeks F3tto Fridays, enjoy!!!

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The Good Life

7 December 2013

Hey everyone out there, just wanted to say whats up.. It is 5 am right now here in Los Angeles and it is freezing. It has been cold all week, but I don’t mind it at all. It reminds me of the east coast! I have been really busy writing songs, Djin, drumming, and shooting F3tto Fridays!!! We are back to doing F3tto Fridays every week, and we just dropped F3tto Fridays Vol. 2!! We have a great team now to help with the F3tto project, and things are looking great! There will be a lot of free music coming soon. Every Friday we are going to deliver a free song for download, as part of F3tto Fridays! Lets keep this project moving and progress towards bigger things! Team F3tto!

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